To start business or invest in Spain there are many ways since a new invest law is in force (Entrepeneur Law).

Actually, foreign nationals will be able to obtain a residence visa for one year and, when applicable, two-year residence permits, renewable for another two years, will be granted to foreign investors making a “significant investment” in Spain by:

  • Purchasing at least two million EUR in Spanish government bonds, or;
  • Investing at least one million EUR in Spanish companies, or:
  • Buying property in Spain of a value greater than 500,000 EUR, or:
  • Starting a business “of general interest” in Spain.

To be considered “of general interest”, a business must:

  • Create jobs in Spain
  • Make a significant contribution to the technology and Innovation sector.

According to this new law, you can obtain to reduce processing times, removing the requirement for a labour market search and allowing simultaneous submission of dependent visa applications. For more information, contact us.