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Maciel Morales Asencio

Team Leader

  • Expert lawyer in immigration services, procedures for expatriate and relocated workers.
  • Member of the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid.
  • Master’s in «Foreign and Relocated Workers» from the Center for Financial Studies.
  • Master’s in «Immigration Law» from the Complutense University of Madrid.

We handle all types of documents and procedures for you

  • Work permits for domestic workers.
  • Work permits for caregivers.
  • Permits with the right to residence, study, and work.
  • Recruitment management in the home country.
  • Labor agreements for young foreigners.
  • Labor agreements for young foreigners.
  • Document management for citizens coming from abroad.
  • Permits for caregiver and domestic employees.
  • Processing of necessary documents for foreign relatives of Europeans.
  • Family reunification management.
  • Work permits for foreign students.
  • Renewal authorization management.
  • Employment contracts for companies.
  • Management of permits for investors.
  • Obtaining authorizations for researchers.

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