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Tourist Visa

This is the beginning of your exciting adventure. Trust our team of experts; you can enjoy a hassle-free process where we take care of everything. We handle your Tourist Visa. You only need to worry about enjoying and exploring new destinations

Minimize risks

We manage the visa you need. Trust us to enjoy a hassle-free trip, knowing that all documents are in order.

  • Optimize your effort and time
  • We will solve any setback that may arise during the process
  • We guarantee the monitoring and compliance with the established deadlines
  • Avoid errors and delays in your application
  • Ensure that the documents are correct and properly processed
  • We help you with any language barriers that may arise
  • We stay updated and continuously informed about regulation changes in each country

Travel without restrictions

We handle visas for a wide variety of countries. Depending on the destination you are heading to, your country of origin, or any layovers, different requirements may be needed.

  • Visas for the Schengen Area
  • Visas for the United Kingdom
  • Visa to the United States
  • Visas to countries in the Americas, Oceania, Asia, and Africa

Avoid errors and expedite procedures.

We handle the process of your tourist visa!

Our methodology

Representation before consulates and ministries of foreign affairs

Representation before consulates and ministries of foreign affairs

Management and legalization of the documents required to submit the application.

Management and legalization of documents required for
submit the application


Follow-up during all phases

Follow-up throughout all phases.

Resolution and allegations

We take care of the entire process of your Tourist Visa

Preparatory documentation

  • Preparation of the temporary visa application THREE months before the trip
  • Representation documents
  • Applicant’s identification and economic data
  • Justification of the purpose of the trip
  • Application Forms
  • Payment of administrative fees

Submission of the application

  • Representation before consular agencies
  • Submission of the application to the appropriate consulate.
  • Criminal history reports
  • Management of additional document requirements
  • Proof of reason for travel
  • Proof of financial means and family ties
  • Start of procedures

Study of the request

  • Internal management of the visa application
  •  Valuation of the approval of the requested visa
  •  Supporting documentation for the purpose of the trip
  •  Report of no contagious disease
  •  Resolution of the administrative file
  • Issuance of the corresponding visa

Issuance of the requested visa

  • Processing of the temporary visa at the consulate of the country of origin
  • Representation at airports for the defense of entry into Spain
  • Management of extensions of visas issued
  • Updating of data with public agencies.

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