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Temporary Residence Permit

Successfully overcome the challenges that arise when applying for temporary residence authorization in Spain.

Whether you’re retired or a worker, we provide the professional support you need to understand immigration procedures and obtain your residence authorization. It will be your first step towards obtaining permanent residency.

Find out if you can apply

To proceed with the application for the Temporary Residence Authorization, it is necessary to belong to one of the indicated groups.

  • Retirees foreign
  • Employees hired in Spain
  • Investors and entrepreneurs with projects in Spain
  • Students, researchers, and their family members
  • Any person capable of demonstrating adequate financial resources to sustain themselves.

Get job opportunities

Within the framework of Temporary Residence Authorizations, you can find numerous modalities that grant holders different rights and freedoms.

  • Opt for better job positions and more job opportunities
  • Travel freely throughout Europe
  • Access social security benefits
  • You will have more opportunities for study and entrepreneurship
  • You will have access to public services such as free medical care.

Our methodology

Processing and legalization of
documents for the application

Legal representation before Spanish public administrations.

Follow-up during all stages of the procedure.

Resolution and allegations.

Achieve the stability and security you long for in Spain.

We take care of the entire process.

Preparatory documentation

  • Preparation of the temporary residence application
  • Representation documents
  • Application Forms
  • Administrative fee payments
  • Identification and financial information of the applicant
  • Data on projects and jobs in Spain

Application Submission

  • Representation before public agencies
  • Submission of the application to the immigration office.
  • Criminal background reports in Spain at the time of submission.
  • Management and submission of additional documents by the immigration office
  • Justification of the reason for requesting residence: projects and/or jobs in Spain.
  • Initiation of procedures

Study of the request

  •  Processing of the application in Spain.
  •  Assessment of approval of the application submitted to the immigration office.
  • Criminal background checks at the time of assessment.
  •  Resolution of the administrative process.
  • Processing of the corresponding residence visa.

Issuance of the document

  • Temporary residence document (NIE)
  • Processing of the residence visa, if required.
  • Registration in the municipal census of residents in Spain
  • Scheduling an appointment for the issuance of a residence card
  • Obtaining the corresponding residence documents
  • Management of residence processing fee payments
  • Issuance of the identification documentation or foreigner’s ID card

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