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Spanish Nationality

It expedites the management of the Spanish Nationality to be able to live permanently in the country. We will provide you with an expert and personalized service so that you do not have to worry about these complex procedures. Here begins your adventure in Spain in the easiest possible way.

Get your visa and live in Spain

  • You will obtain a European passport
  • You will be able to live permanently in Spain if you so desire.
  • You will be authorized to travel and work freely within all countries belonging to the European Union.
  • You will not need visas to travel to many countries.
  • You will have access to all public services such as free health care and free education.
  • You will get better job and educational opportunities
  • Family reunification will be much easier

Find out if you can apply

  • Children of Spanish father or mother
  • Residents in spain . Must complete one year of residency
  • Born in Spain of foreign parents
  • Political exiles.

Our methodology

Representation before consulates and ministries of foreign affairs

Legal representation before Spanish public agencies.

Follow-up of the procedure in all its phases.

Resolution and allegations.

You will obtain the same rights as any Spanish citizen. Contact us now.

We take care of the whole process

Application Submission

  • Representation before public agencies
  • Filing of the application with the registry of the Ministry of Justice
  • Criminal record reports in Spain at the time of filing
  • Management of additional document requirements by the Ministry of Justice
  • Proof of filing of the application for nationality
  • Start of procedures

Study of the request

  •  Internal management of the nationality application
  •  Valuation of approval of nationality examination
  •  Residency or foreigner’s documents
  •  Criminal history reports at the time of the study
  •  Resolution of the administrative file

Issuance of the document

  • Swearing in before the civil registry of fidelity to the King of Spain.
  • Registration of foreign birth in Spain.
  • Spanish birth certificate management as a national citizen.
  • Appointment management for passports and ID cards.
  • Obtaining national passport and D.N.I. documents.
  • Updating of data with public agencies.

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