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Community Residence Authorization

Simplifies the application process for community residency. Get the professional support you need to understand immigration procedures and correctly prepare your family members’ residency applications.

Find out if you can apply

In order to move forward with the application for the Temporary Residence Authorization, it is necessary to be part of one of these groups.

  • Residents  outside Spain
  • European spouses, domestic partners or similar registered partnerships
  • Sons of european
  • Father of mother de europeos
  • Brothers who are economically dependent on Spaniards

Right to reside and work

There is a wide variety of residence authorizations that confer different rights and freedoms, among which we find:

  • Freedom of movement within the Schengen Area
  • The right to reside and work without restrictions in most cases.
  • Facilitates family reunification
  • Allows access to social and educational services:
  • Provides stability and security in immigration status
  • Right to apply for nationality

Our methodology

Legal management of the documents for the application

Legal representation before Spanish public institutions

Support throughout all phases.

Conclusion and allegations.

Forget about the uncertainty of the process. We take care to maximize your chances of success.

We take care of the whole process


  • Preparation of the application.
  • Representation documents
  • Application Forms
  • Administrative fee payments
  • Identification and financial information of the applicant
  • Data on economic ties and dependency

Application Submission

  • Representation before public agencies
  • Submission of the application to the corresponding immigration office
  • Social security reports and hiring data at the time of submission.
  • Management of additional document requests by the immigration office
  • Proof of submission of the application
  • Initiation of procedures

Study of the

  • Management of the application
  • Criminal record reports
  • Assessment of approval for residence authorization
  • Management of residence processing fee payments
  • Issuance of identification  documentation or foreigner’s card

Document issuance

  • Spanish Community Residence Document (NIE)
  • Processing of residence visa in the country of origin
  • Registration in the municipal census of residents in Spain
  • Scheduling an appointment for the issuance of a residence card
  • Obtaining national residence documents and payment of fees
  • Updating data with public agencies.

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