Social Security Regulations

Spain has a public health insurance system that you can manage to avoid paying directly for many of the health care services. When you use public health services, it is essential to present your insurance card to the hospital or medical center.

To work in Spain, you will need to obtain a Social Security Affiliation Number (NAF). The obligation to contribute to the Spanish social security is mandatory, regardless of the social security system in which the obliged subject is located.

Expat employees are obliged to quote based on the application of specific circumstances such as: the company that hires the expatriate, the place and duration of the displacement, the international agreements and social security agreements signed between Spain and the country of origin of the expatriate worker.

Consult with us the key aspects of social security and the effects of your displacement:

  • Quotation Obligations
  • Incidents in the displacement of benefits
  • Displacement according to international agreements on social security
  • Absence of an international agreement
  • Displacements subject to EU coordination regulations regarding the Ibero-American Social Security
  • Agreement
  • Healthcare
  • Work accidents
  • Benefits during displacement
  • Special agreement with the Spanish Social Security system
  • Destination changes
  • Pension for retirement
  • Pensions for widowhood and orphanage
  • Unemployment benefit
  • Back in advance