Expatriate workers

Finding a job is the main priority for many new residents in Spain. It takes time to build a qualified profile and gain the necessary experience before finding a good job.

International geographic mobility favors employment structures the circumstances of the worker’s residence transfer from one country to another one within the labor perspective.

With our labour counseling service you can discover the rules of protection for both the employee and the company. In Spain there are rules for minumum salaries, job security, health, working hours, paid annual vacations and among other key aspects that you should know in your adaptation process in the country.

Included services:

  • International Assignment Letter
  • Hiring origin
  • Destination recruitment
  • Temporary displacements
  • Transnational workers
  • Mixed situations
  • Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
  • Trial period
  • Business groups and inter-company relations
  • Obligations of confidentiality and non-competition
  • Extinction of the employment relationship of the expatriate
  • Return
  • Effects of displacement
  • Compensation system for the expenses incurred