Labour consulting for expatriates

We simplify the preparation of the work contract for employees assigned abroad. We guarantee the compliance with international labour law and local laws of Spain, minimizing the risk for contract parties. You will have the necessary professional support to correctly prepare the legal and labour expatriation policies for the displaced workers.
We collaborate with private clients, companies and administrative agencies.

Who should conclude international labour contracts?

  • Workers displaced abroad
  • Immigrants or displaced employees hired in Spain
  • Regular Spanish residents with the international projects
Asesoría Laboral para Expatriados Trabajadores Expatriados Morales Asencio

Our methodology

Job interview

Assessment of labour documents of the home country and Spain

Legal representation at the Spanish public authorities

Monitoring of the labour agreements elaboration procedure

Preparation of manuals and internal policies

What is included in the legal-labour procedure for an expatriate employee?

Social security documents

  • Documents for the employee’s displacement abroad
  • Application of social security agreements
  • Fulfillment of the possible communication models
  • Health care coverage estimation
  • Estimation of the pension and retirement benefits

Investigation of the terms of the labour contract signed with the expatriate worker

  • Applicable tax egime for the displacement
  • Fixed and variable remuneration to be received
  • Benefits during the displacement (rentals, moving expenses, company car, etc.)
  • Completion of the international assignment and repatriation

Types of contracts in international assignments

  • Local employment at destination place
  • Letter of international assignment for the displacement
  • Maintenance of the double employment contract

Necessary procedures in the General Fund of the Social Security

  • Registration and obligations for quotation
  • Special agreements with the social security system
  • Provision for work accidents abroad
  • Change of the destination country
  • Advance return of the displaced employee