We simplify the visa application procedures to the Schengen countries and to the countries of other regions according to your leisure or business needs. You will have the necessary professional support to understand the immigration procedures and prepare the consular procedures correctly for you and your family members.
We collaborate with private clients, companies, administrative agencies and moving companies.

¿Who can apply?

  • Travelers with professional, political, scientific, sports or religious purposes
  • Those who effect touristic or private trips
  • Those who travel for the reasons of studies or other trainings
  • Those with stopovers or transit at the countries where a visa is required
Visados Abogados Inmigración y Visados Morales Asencio

Our methodology

Representation at the consular sections and ministries of foreign affairs


Management and legalization of necessary documents for the application.

Monitoring of the procedure at all the phases.

Resolution and appeal.

¿What is included in the process of obtaining the temporary visa?

Previous documentation

  • Preparation of the application for the temporary visa 3 months before the trip
  • Presentation of documents
  • Personal and economic data for the application
  • Evidence of the travel reason
  • Payments of administrative fees

Presentation of the application and representation at the consular bodies

  • Presentation of the application to the corresponding consular office
  • Criminal record reports
  • Management of the requirements for additional documents
  • Evidence of the travel reasons
  • Accreditation of the financial means and family relations
  • Start of the procedures

Petition procedure

  • Internal management of the Schengen visa application
  • Validation of approval of the requested visa
  • Documentation justifying the travel reason
  • Medical report of the absence of contagious diseases
  • Resolution of the administrative file
  • Issuance of the corresponding visa

Issuance of the temporary residency document (ID card)

  • Processing of the temporary visa at the home consular office
  • Representation at airports for the entry defense to Spain
  • Management of granted visas extensions
  • Revision of the data at the public organizations.