Spanish Nationality

We offer you all kinds of professional support in order for you to obtain Spanish nationality within the shortest possible of time and with the maximum guarantees.

Who can apply for the nationality?

  • Those born in Spain who are the children of non-Spanish parents
  • Children adopted by Spanish citizens
  • Foreigns who comply residency conditions in Spain
  • Political exiles
  • Those who comply the naturalization conditions
Spanish Nationality Immigration and Visas Morales Asencio

Our methodology

Management and legalization of the documents necessary for the aplication submission.

Legal representation at the Spanish public authorities.

Monitoring of the procedure at all the phases.

Resolution and appeal.

What is included in the process of obtaining the Spanish residency?

Presentation of the application at the registry of the Ministry of Justice

  • Tracking your application and representation at the public authorities.
  • Background check report at the moment of submit your application.
  • Management of requirements for additional documents requested by the Ministry of Justice.
  • Begin and solve your queries of the procedures.

Petition procedure

  • Internal management of the application for nationality.
  •  Valuation of approval exam for nationality.
  • Documentation for the residency or immigration
  • Criminal record reports at the moment of the procedure
  • Resolution of your application and administrative process

Issuance of the Spanish nationality card (DNI)

  • Giving the oath of fidelity to the King of Spain at the civil registry.
  • Registration of foreign birth in Spain.
  • Management of the Spanish birth certificate as a national citizen.
  • Management of the prior appointment for passport and ID card.
  • Obtaining national passport documents.
  • Update of the data at the public organizations.