Homologation and recognition of university titles

We simplify the homologation processes of the foreign higher education degrees. You will have the necessary professional support to correctly prepare the application for the validity of your foreign degrees in Spain
We collaborate with private clients, companies, administrative agencies and moving companies.
The homologation of foreign degrees implies the accreditation of equivalence with respect to an official Spanish title valid throughout the national territory.

Who can apply?

  • Residents in Spain
  • Graduates from a non-Spanish official higher education institution
  • Workers hired by Spanish companies
  • Those with foreign non-university studies
Homologaciones y Reconocimientos de Títulos Universitarios Abogados Inmigración y Visados Morales Asencio

Our methodology

Management and legalization of the necessary documents

Legal representation at the Spanish public authorities

Monitoring of the procedure in all the phases.

Conclusions and defense.

What is included in the process of the homologation of the foreign degree?

Previous documentation

  • Preparation of the application for the title homologation
  • Application forms
  • Payments of administrative fees
  • Identification data of the applicant’s study center
  • Information of the studied subjects and obtained grades
  • Presentation of documents

Presentation of the application and representation at the public authorities

  • Presentation of the application to the Ministry of Education
  • Legalization of the requested documents
  • Management of the requirements for additional documents
  • Evidence of compliance with the current local regulations
  • Start of the procedures.

Petition procedure

  • Management of the application for the title homologation
  • Validation of approval of the requested application
  • Reports for the Ministry of Education bodies
  • Resolution of the administrative file

Expedition of the study credentials and collegiality for the professional work

  • Processing of the acceptance resolution of the title homologation of title
  • Obtaining the studies credentials
  • Legalization of documents for the presentation at official authorities
  • Management of the collegiality for the work at a regulated profession
  • Revision of data at the public authorities