Document administration

We manage and legalize foreign documents necessary for any type of immigration process or selection of foreign employees. We ensure the validity of the documents issued by the foreign countries, guaranteeing that they will be in line with the current legislation of each country.
We collaborate with private clients, companies and administrative agencies.

Which documents do we manage?

  • Documents of filiation or kinship (birth certificates, certificates of marriages or divorces)
  • Criminal record reports
  • Professional experience reports and social security reports
  • Identity documents and passports
  • Certificates of tax residence and tax agency
Gestión de Documentos Abogados Inmigración y Visados Morales Asencio

What is included in the process of document request?

Checking the purpose of the document

  • Confirmation of the entity validity
  • Management of the documents requested
  • Issuance of the document at the country of destination
  • Administrative fees payment

Presentation of the application and representation at the public authorities

  • Application presentation at the corresponding public authorities
  • Collection of the requested document at the corresponding public authorities
  • Legalization at the consular section of the destination country where the document takes effect
  • Management of the Hague Convention apostille according to the requirements of the destination country

Sending the managed document to the interested party and/or public authorities

  • Official translation of the document
  • Presentation of the documents at the corresponding immigration office
  • Sending the requested document