Temporary residency

We will assist you to successfully overcome the challenges arising at the process of the application for temporary residence authorization in Spain. Whether you are a retiree or a worker, we will offer you the professional support you need to understand the immigration procedures and successfully obtain your residency authorization.

Who can apply?

  • Foreign retirees
  • Workers contracted in Spain
  • Investors and entrepreneurs with projects in Spain
  • Students, researchers and their families
Residencia Temporal Abogados Inmigración y Visados Morales Asencio

Our methodology

Transmission and legalization of the application documents

Legal representation at the Spanish administrative authoroties

Monitoring of the procedure at all the phases

Resolutions and appeal

What is included in the process of obtaining the temporary authorization of stay?

Previous documentation

  • Preparation of the application for the temporary residency
  • Presentation of documents
  • Application forms
  • Payments of administrative fees
  • Personal and economic data of the applicant
  • Information of the projects and works in Spain

Presentation of the application and representation at the public authorities

  • Presentation of the application to the immigration office
  • Criminal record reports in Spain at the moment of application
  • Management and presentation of additional documents for the immigration office
  • Evidence of the reasons for residency application: projects and/or works in Spain
  • Start of the procedures

Petition procedure

  • Processing of the application for the temporary residency in Spain
  • Validation of the approval of the residency permit
  • Criminal record reports at the moment of the procedure
  • Resolution of the administrative file
  • Processing of the corresponding residency permit.

Issuance of the temporary residency document (ID card)

  • Processing of the residency permit if required.
  • Inscription at the municipal registry of inhabitants in Spain
  • Management of the prior appointment for the issuance of residency card.
  • Obtaining the corresponding residency documents
  • Management of the payment of residency processing fees
  • Issuance of identification documents or immigration card