EU residency card of family members

We simplify the residency application process for both EU citizens and their Non-EU family members.  You will have all the professional support you need to understand the immigration process and correctly prepare for the necessary consular administrative procedures for you and your family members.

Who can apply?

  • The spouse
  • The registered partner if the host member state treats it as equivalent to marriage
  • the direct descendants under the age of 21 and dependants of the spouse or partner as defined above
  • The dependent direct relatives in the ascending line (parents, grandparents) and those of the spouse or partner
Autorización de Residencia Comunitaria Abogados Inmigración y Visados Morales Asencio

Our methodology

Management and legalization of all necessary documents for the application.

Legal representation at consulates and immigration office in Spain.

Monitoring of all phases of the procedure.

Rulings and appeal.

What is included in the process of obtaining the EU  residency card of family members?

Documentation and preparation

  • Initiation of the application process for EU Residency card of family members before the trip
  • Collecting the required documents
  • Completing and managing the immigration forms
  • Personal and economic information required for the application process
  • Documents to proof your family member situation
  • Payments of administrative fees

Application submission and legal representation before the relevant Spanish authorities

  • Submission of the temporary residence application at the corresponding immigration office
  • Social security and labour reports
  • Management and submission of additional documents needed
  • Accreditation of sufficient financial resources and bonding familial ties
  • Start of the process

Petition Process

  • Legal management of the EU Residency card of family member’s application
  • Background check reports
  • Evaluation of the likelihood of approval
  • Payments of administrative fees
  • Issuance of the corresponding EU residency card

Issuance of the temporary EU Residency card of family members

  • Processing of the temporary visa at the consular office of the home country
  • Documentation and registration at Town city hall in Spain
  • Legal representation at airports in the event of encountering difficulties when entering Spain
  • Appointment management at immigration office
  • Updating of information filed at government offices and agencies