International taxation

We manage the declaration of income for the employees displaced abroad. We simplify all the procedures ensuring the compliance with international conventions and local Spanish regulations, minimizing the tax residence impact. You will have the necessary professional support to correctly prepare the tax return reports in Spain.
We collaborate with private clients, companies and administrative agencies.

Who should file the tax return reports in Spain?

  • Employees displaced abroad
  • Immigrants or displaced persons hired in Spain
  • Regular residents in Spain
Fiscalidad Internacional Trabajadores Expatriados Morales Asencio

Our methodology

Tax interview

Review of the labour and economic documents for the fiscal year declared

Legal representation at the Spanish public authorities

Monitoring of the procedure in all its stages

Presentation and appeal

What is included in the procedure of the tax declaration in Spain?

Previous documentation

  • Preparation of supporting documents for the tax return
  • Presentation of documents
  • Fulfillment of the corresponding declaration model
  • Application of the international agreements to avoid double taxation
  • Tax payments or reception of tax refund

Application presentation and representation at the public authorities

  • Presentation of the tax return at the corresponding authorities
  • Confirmation of the reception at the corresponding public authorities
  • Management of tax refund or tax payment at the bank
  • Proof of the tax filing documents

Presentation of declared taxes

  • Assessment of the tax model presented
  • Notification by the local tax office
  • Processing of appealing procedure
  • Resolution of the administrative file